My name is Stephen Richards, the first program I wrote was back in 1974! That gives away not only my age, but, also how long I’ve been in this business. In 1976 leaving North Wales on a train bound for Lincolnshire I had little idea that when I returned to North Wales to live, it would also be such a wonderful place to run my business.

Having spent 18 years in the RAF working on RADAR and Communications equipment with the last 5 years spent as a programmer and member of the system management team of a very special computer network cluster means that the owner of CTSNWW has a lot to offer.

Expanding management skills on leaving the RAF then adding more Test Engineer and more IT knowledge to my abilities really prepared me for my time at Trafficmaster which in turn prepared his for 5 years as the owner of a Computer Troubleshooters franchise in North Wales.

Choosing to leave the franchise in 2012 and continue in an IT business that he totally owned has taken Steve to new heights with Computer Technical Solutions (NW Wales).

Here are what a couple of customers said:

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Stephen provides a full IT support system to our business and is always on hand to solve problems such as when our hosting company recently closed down he immediately took steps to ensure we had a replacement email service and that our web site was saved securely which are essential items for our business. He helps far beyond his contract and even tolerates me when I dabble and mess things up!” – Martin Adshead Coastal Homes

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“Steve is a real gem, not only works hard for you but is fun and knows how to make IT seem easy for you I have known Steve for a number of years and have heard great things about how he runs his IT business so I was looking forward to the opportunity to try out his services. I now use Steve for all our IT support and would highly recommend business both small and large to look at his offerings as you would not get a more likeable guy who knows his stuff and is not wrapped with the geeky stuff lots of IT people have.” – Mike Denison, Managing Director Lean Mentor International

But don’t just take their word for it…… Call us!


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